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Basic Site
$40.00 USD Monthly
Basic Website Hosting
Webspace 10000 MB (about 10 GB)
Traffic / Month 8048 MB (about 8 GB)
Email-Accounts 25
Email-Aliases) 5
FTP Accounts 25
Domains 1 (com,net)
Subdomains (yxz.yourdomain.tld) 5
CGI/Perl Yes
MySQL-Databases 3

Mail Service
$15.00 USD Monthly
Email Only Service
Email Addresses 10
Total Disk Space 10GB

Preimium SSL
$8.25 USD Monthly
Do you need to secure a single server domain name? Premium SSL Certificates provide everything you will need to protect a single domain and assure your customers that your site is trustworthy and secure. Every SSL Certificate includes a dynamic security site seal to give your customers confidence in your identity and feel safe in doing business with you.

The Premium SSL Certificate features 256-Bit encryption, and includes a $100,000 identification guarantee and a 30 day, no questions asked, money back policy. All our certificates come with free re-issues for the life of the certificate.

Premiere Site
$75.00 USD Monthly
Web space 20000 MB (about 20 GB)
Traffic / Month Unlimited
Email-Accounts 50
Email-Aliases) 50
FTP Accounts 25
Domains 1 (com,net)
Subdomains (yxz.yourdomain.tld) unlimited
Dedicated IP 1
Addon Domains 15
Parked Domains 15
CGI/Perl Yes
MySQL-Databases 10